The Company

Located in the heart of Val Trompia, hub of Brescia’s iron and steel and metallurgy production, OMFA Snc owned by the brothers Raul and Gianfranco Assisi has been the company of reference for making aluminium die-casting moulds with particular attention paid to moulds for large castings since 1973. It is a flexible and dynamic company with consolidated experience in the sector, able to offer a turn-key project made entirely at its production site in Italy, ready to be sent to the foundry.



Custom design

The design of aluminium die-casing moulds is the pride of OMFA that after carefully listeing to its customers’ requests offers its customers total, expert and flexible assistance. To guarantee a perfectly customised design service, always in full compliance with its customers’ needs, OMFA uses the most sophisticated design systems such as PRO-E and VISICAD. For the final check, it also uses MAGMA software, which simulates the casting process, while the workshop uses the CAD/CAM WORKNC software for machining from 2 to 5 axes of world reference.

Attention to details
In addition to the large aluminium die-casting moulds, OMFA is specialised in making moulds with highly complex technical details, a plus that only a few very specialised companies are able to offer.

Years of experience
Specialised people
Moulds per year made
High tech machinery


OMFA has an inventory of machinery constantly brought up to date that makes it possible to achieve top efficiency in economic, time and functional terms in making aluminium die-casting moulds. The best guarantee of product quality has over the years led the company to choose only the best: from gantry machines accessorised with electric mandrels up to 50,000 rpm to the ZAYER ZOKCU travelling column milling machine in order to also make large moulds for 1600-2500 ton presses. The aluminium die-casting moulds come into contact with temperatures at around 700°C. This is why OMFA has a primary goal of guaranteeing that the products do not undergo expansion or deformation during the casting phase.

At the customer’s service

OMFA guarantees its customers total assistance every step along the way, from the feasibility study to planning the project, from sampling the finished mould to technological assistance for the first phase of putting the product into production and optimising the process of the achieved castings. Whether for die-casing, automotive, electromechanics or hydraulics, OMFA ensures the supply of a personalised mould that perfectly meeds the production needs.

A strategic position