A strategic partner

Thanks to the experience it has gained in over 40 years of business and its keen ability to listen to the needs of its customers, OMFA is specialised in designing aluminium die-casting moulds and has today become a true primary contact in the project and a strategic partner for foundries and industries. The company, in fact, provides the customer with assistance starting from the initial steps of the feasibility study up to the building of the dies and the sampling, while assisting the customer down a totally personalised path to get utmost precision of the finished product and the best production efficiency. The know-how and specialisation of OMFA’s personnel plan a key role in observing these principles, which allow the company to dedicate full attention to the mould control and manual assemby phase.

Control and Casting Simulation

To guarantee the maximum quality of its products while designing aluminium die-casting moulds, OMFA uses the most sophisticated software systems for product design, such as PRO-E and VISI-CAD, benchmarks of the sector, with which moulds of the highest quality already during the development phase can be offered. One of the cornerstones of the mould post-design control is the casting process simulator: the specific and most effective methodology for guaranteeing the product’s perfect success. In order to be able to perform this check, OMFA uses the MAGMA software, the top of the range answer to design requirements, while WORKNC, the automatic CAD/CAM software for machining from 2 to 5 axes of world reference, constantly developed since 1988 and currently used by most companies around the world, is used in the workshop. Lastly, the 3D machine used to measure the dimensions is the key element in the final piece control phase. It checks its perfect matching with the initial drawing designed together with the customer or directly provided by the customer.

Quality of details

By using advanced technologies and highly specialised personnel, OMFA today is an acknowledged point of reference in the design of aluminium die-casting moulds for demanding castings and with highly complex technical details, which require utmost precision and specific expertise.