ISO 9001 certified since 2005

ISO 9001/2000 certification, obtained as early as 2005 from BUREAU VERITAS, allows us to guarantee top quality in making die-casting moulds.


Die-casting moulds

OMFA dei F.lli Assisi of Villa Carcina, situated in the very heart of Val Trompia, Brescia’s iron and steel and metallurgy production hub, has been a guarantee of excellence in making aluminium die-casting moulds since 1973. It is a dynamic company marked by strong and consolidated experience in the sector, totally Made in Italy, able to offer a turn-key project from design to execution of the finished mould, ready to be sent to the foundry.

A well-integrated team since 1973

The importance of the mould in the die-casting process is one of the cornerstones of the OMFA Snc philosophy, which for this has always been seeking maximum precision in the making of every product. It is a fundamental aspect in view of the intended use of the die-casting moulds, which come into contact with temperatures of around 700°C and must therefore withstand the expansion and deformation sustained during the casting. OMFA has consisted of a complete and mixed team ever since it was established in 1973, from the custom design engineers to the after-sale customer service managers, to guarantee every customer professional service in each step of the processes and personalised production based on their specific requirements and requests. Constant updating allows the OMFA team to obtain technical and technological know-how that is able to meet and even anticipate the customers’ needs in a constantly evolving and increasingly complex and diversivied sector.

Excellence for every sector

From automotive to electromechanics and all the way to hydraulics, OMFA Snc is specialised in the custom design and making of die-casting moulds for a large number of fields of application, with special attention paid ot the large moulds. The ongoing activities to reserach and develop innovative solutons aimed at improving production efficiency and the global product quality make OMFA today one of the key references at the international level for foundries and industries.

Special high-tech machining

The company especially addreses foundries and industrial activities that need moulds with highly complex technical details and for demanding castings not easy to make unless by a few companies capable of special processes, like OMFA. To offer this service, the company uses highly skiled personnel with specific duties and avails itself of all the qualifications necessary to protect its customers, such as ISO 9001/2000 certification obtained as early as 2005 from ITALCERT.